5 tips for paddle boarding in Summer

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Ah, summertime! Are you ready to hit the water and try your hand at paddle boarding? It’s the perfect way for adventurers of all ages to explore a lake, river, or ocean. Whether you’re an experienced boarder hoping to hone your skills, or a first-timer wanting to get comfortable on the waves, these five tips will help make sure you have an enjoyable outing with lots of laughs and memories.

Tip 1: Be Prepared! Make sure you always have the right gear before setting out in the open water. Pack a life jacket and whistle in case of emergency; sunscreen and insect repellent for sunburns and bug bites; sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays; plenty of water and snacks; a first-aid kit; and, of course, your paddle board.

Tip 2: Get Comfortable! Before you head out on the open waters, make sure to practice shallow water first. Get familiar with your balance position and learn how to turn the board effectively — this will make for smoother sailing once you venture further away from land. It’s also important to become accustomed to the pull of waves on your body so that you don’t panic if caught off guard by choppy waters.

Tip 3: Catch Some Rays (Safely). If you plan on spending extensive time paddling in direct sunlight, it is essential that you wear sun protective clothing such as hats and rash guards. Covering up with the right fabrics can create a barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays, helping to keep you safe while still having fun.

Tip 4: Choose Your Paddle Wisely! It can be tempting to grab the first paddle that comes along, but it’s important to select one that fits your height, weight and activity level. Different paddles have different features such as shaft length and blade shape which will make for an easier (or harder!) ride depending on how well it is matched to you.

Tip 5: Enjoy the Ride! Last but not least – don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Paddle boarding is all about taking time out of your busy day to relax and have fun. Spend time gliding through the water, exploring nature, or just taking a break from life on land.

Now that you’ve got these tips in mind, it’s time to hit the waves. Have a great summer paddle boarding season!

Happy paddling! :)