How To Inflate Your Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

In today’s instalment of Starboard’s “How To” video series, we are going to explain how to inflate your inflatable stand up paddle board.

Before you start getting any equipment out, you want to make sure there are no sharp objects around as they can easily damage your board.

Assembling The Pump

To start pumping, we need to assemble the tiki pump by connecting the hose to the inflate mode (INF), located on the body of the pump next to the gauge. Once the hose is connected we can attach the base by following the arrow markers, with which the first arrow will align with the joint of the base. The pump should fit perfectly into the base with those markers aligned, and now you can twist it clockwise to secure it into place. Now the second arrow should be aligned with the mark on the base. To start pumping in the double action mode, high volume mode, you need to turn the small lever just below the handle from the left side to the right. And that’s it, now the pump is ready to go!

Connecting The Pump

To connect the pump to the board, we start with removing the valve cap by rotating it counter-clockwise and checking that the pin in the centre is in the up position. You can check this by pressing the pin down, then releasing so it pops to the up position. To attach the hose, insert the end of the hose into the valve and turn clockwise to lock it into place.

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