A look inside Red Paddle Co International HQ

The guys from SUPboarder have taken us on an in depth tour of Red Paddle Co’s global head quarters. Leading the tour was none other than the CEO of Red, John Hibbard. His thoughts, insight and clarity for the brand’s purpose and goals give you a clear indication why Red Paddle Co has been so successful.

It’s a long one, but well worth the watch. Green Water Sports has outlined some moments of note:

3:30 The new flat bungee system explained
4:30 The new Titan 2 Pump explained
10:30 The new V-Hull design for the Voyager models
22:30 Marketing team outlines the brand story and education around SUP
29:35 Discussion on Red Paddle Co’s pricing
32:09 Rare sighting of a wild George Shillito
33:41 The Red design process
36:19 Discussion on double chamber inflatable paddle boards and 0% Red Paddle Co board failure rate
43:10 Red’s eco friendly design, product life span, circular design

Check out the Red Paddle Co video at Green Water Sports: A look inside Red Paddle Co International HQ

Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

Green Water Sports has brought over their top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your fall adventures, read on to find out what they are. Every season brings the opportunity for a new adventure and a new perspective on the outdoors and we think inflatable paddleboards are the perfect companion to see all of this and more. Find out our top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your fall adventures below!

1. They Are Incredibly Convenient

As the season begins to change to fall and the days get shorter, convenience really is key. Inflatable paddleboards are amazingly lightweight, so wherever your fall adventures may take you, whether it be trekking to a remote lake or gliding down rivers, it’s easy and quick to lift it in and out the water. Along with their light weight, inflatables can easily be rolled up and stored in their accompanying backpack, making it not only easier to carry along on your adventures, but also means they take up minimal storage space. This handy pack down makes them easy to transport, even in the smallest vehicles, on public transport and even on planes! This portability of inflatable paddle boards offers up the ability and freedom of limitless exploration year round!

2. Fun For The Entire Family

The family fun doesn’t have to end with summer, as inflatable paddleboard’s light weight makes them manageable for the kids compared to the bulky and heavy hardboard alternative. Not only are they more manageable for the kids, but also easy to use for the entire family as inflatable paddleboards are more stable, when inflated to the correct PSI, than hardboards as they are generally wider and thicker, giving more volume. This makes them stable in a variety of water states from choppy ocean, to silky smooth lakes, to white water rapids. This stability makes them impressively versatile for all levels and abilities of paddlers and can be used for fishing, SUP yoga, racing, SUP polo and white water paddling just to name a few. For those that are still a little wobbly on their feet, inflatables also have much more ‘give’ so if you do fall, you’re not going to hurt yourself or anyone else with the board. This also makes them much more comfortable underfoot or if you prefer to kneel or sit down.

For parts 3 though 5, head to Green Water Sports and their article: Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures